Is anyone else uncomfortably warm in here?

So, you know how the other day i was cutting sick on the fact that it was 39 degrees and i was officially outraged? Well yesterday it reached 43.2 degrees. Yep, that’s 109.7 (some parts of Perth recorded 46 degrees but i prefer to believe that is an urban legend, because that is seriously whack.)

Oddly enough it almost feels cooler than 39 because you’re prepared for it, you put on your attack face and if you’ve got errands you make sure you’re home before 9am to lie under that air conditioner and waste the day away. In our little home there is a H.D.P.O.A. (Hot Day Plan Of Attack, if you will)

Step One involves moving all small animals inside the house, Guinea Pigs on dining tables and Rabbits in Toilets (luckily we have two bathrooms so no one is attempting to use this while Adelaide is in residence, though my mum was caught out one time and had to, but that’s another story…)

 photo DSC_0975_zpsedacc1a0.jpg

Step Two is moving our bed to directly under the only air conditioning unit in the house, which is far too small to cope on days like these but far superior to a ceiling fan. When you move beds things like this happen at 2:30 in the afternoon.

 photo DSC_0970_zps355a17d5.jpg

Step Three is George’s responsibility, he places himself on his favourite armchair directly under the air conditioning vent and pretends it’s winter.

 photo DSC_0973_zps272823bf.jpg

Step Four involves many icy glasses of diet coke.

I hope you’re somewhere far cooler than here






Ross and I are sitting on the couch watching a fishing show, I think it has something to do with River’s and Monster’s. Possibly it is called River Monster’s. To be honest we’re not really watching the show, Ross is eating one of those horrible Wonka lollies and playing on his phone while I read blogs and George sleeps on my leg, every so often sticking his nose over the top of the computer as if to say “Mum, seriously, what’s up?”


This is beside the point, what I wanted to say is what is up with this show? The host is fishing for something or other and Piranhas keep stealing his bait (also he keeps saying pure-ana not p-rana which is frustrating). Just before he pulled one out of the water and it snapped it’s teeth and all of us jumped and stared at the screen to which Ross decided to share ”That’d take a finger off” all manly like as he is a man and men know of these things (even if we live in Perth and nowhere near the Amazon).


The strange thing is that as soon as that Piranha gnashed his teeth I wanted to lift my legs off the floor lest the piranha under the couch should snap my ankle. Logically I know there is no piranha under the couch but, reflexes you know?


I feel like this guy should fish somewhere else if he doesn’t actually want to catch a Piranha.


The End


Did anyone else not realise that ‘Stocktake Sales’ are called ‘Stocktake Sales’ because the company actually has to do a stocktake? I certainly didn’t make the connection (or possibly never cared enough to consider it) and this morning i was one of the fools caught up in the task.

And it’s not just the task itself that was horrible, there were weeks of lead up. I was at the stage where, last night, i had a nightmare that my foot was cut off and i was going to have to call in sick for stocktake but i couldn’t because my manager would never forgive me!

Did you know that it’s done outside of shopping hours? Makes sense doesn’t it as you can’t be counting things if people are trying them on hiding them in odd places (oh the places i find clothes?!). I had to get out of bed at 4:30am this morning. Three and a half hours earlier than normal, THREE AND A HALF people! I only went to bed at 11pm and couldn’t sleep on account of the ‘Stocktake Terrors’ so the last time i checked my phone was 1:30am, ONE THIRTY AM! 

The Husband loved it because that’s his normal waking time, e.v.e.r.y d.a.y. but George was so confused he kept looking at me as if to say “Mum, Where are our morning snuggles? Why aren’t we spooning under the covers? This is wrong, something is TERRIBLY TERRIBLY WRONG”

When i finally arrived at work everyone was so tense and stressed, there was to be no talking to each other, only scanning. All i could hear in my head was “1-ENTER-FIXTURE-SCAN-ESC” non-stop for four hours. When i found my groove i started quietly (well i thought so) singing along to the in-store radio and even that wasn’t allowed, lest i interrupt anyone else’s interior monologue of “1-ENTER-FIXTURE-SCAN-ESC”

In other news i finished really early this afternoon (still did an eight hour day though) and The husband won’t be here until 7 pm so george and i are planning on catching up on some missed snuggles and watching Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights with pretzels and muchos Diet Coke without the fear of retribution.

I hope your day was a little nicer? Care to share?



Apologies for the capitals but I’m feeling very emotional this afternoon, possibly i am over tired.