Getting Older

So this photo says a lot about me, possibly too much.

 photo 1511775_10153954790605203_1282791711_n_zps1100d310.jpg

I find the older i get the more comfortable i become with being myself. I used to be the kind of person who would never admit to listening to Taylor Swift or binge watching Torchwood but now i don’t really care what you think? Does that make me a bad person?

On the weekend my new mummy friend (as in she is a new mummy but an old friend) and i headed out to Comicon in our local city and to be honest it’s quite a small affair but we had a lovely time, sat in on panels about voice actors (and saw Donatello the TMNT from a distance), watched some scrubs actors and faffed about the merchandise, it was a lush morning. Then i got to chat to her husband and hold her baby. so it got even better.

Also, the hair was a relatively spontaneous decision enacted by husband with his beard trimmers and i have received a surprising amount of compliments on it, mostly relating to something about the bravery of actually doing it but I’ll take that anyway.