Ross and I are sitting on the couch watching a fishing show, I think it has something to do with River’s and Monster’s. Possibly it is called River Monster’s. To be honest we’re not really watching the show, Ross is eating one of those horrible Wonka lollies and playing on his phone while I read blogs and George sleeps on my leg, every so often sticking his nose over the top of the computer as if to say “Mum, seriously, what’s up?”


This is beside the point, what I wanted to say is what is up with this show? The host is fishing for something or other and Piranhas keep stealing his bait (also he keeps saying pure-ana not p-rana which is frustrating). Just before he pulled one out of the water and it snapped it’s teeth and all of us jumped and stared at the screen to which Ross decided to share ”That’d take a finger off” all manly like as he is a man and men know of these things (even if we live in Perth and nowhere near the Amazon).


The strange thing is that as soon as that Piranha gnashed his teeth I wanted to lift my legs off the floor lest the piranha under the couch should snap my ankle. Logically I know there is no piranha under the couch but, reflexes you know?


I feel like this guy should fish somewhere else if he doesn’t actually want to catch a Piranha.


The End



Did anyone else not realise that ‘Stocktake Sales’ are called ‘Stocktake Sales’ because the company actually has to do a stocktake? I certainly didn’t make the connection (or possibly never cared enough to consider it) and this morning i was one of the fools caught up in the task.

And it’s not just the task itself that was horrible, there were weeks of lead up. I was at the stage where, last night, i had a nightmare that my foot was cut off and i was going to have to call in sick for stocktake but i couldn’t because my manager would never forgive me!

Did you know that it’s done outside of shopping hours? Makes sense doesn’t it as you can’t be counting things if people are trying them on hiding them in odd places (oh the places i find clothes?!). I had to get out of bed at 4:30am this morning. Three and a half hours earlier than normal, THREE AND A HALF people! I only went to bed at 11pm and couldn’t sleep on account of the ‘Stocktake Terrors’ so the last time i checked my phone was 1:30am, ONE THIRTY AM! 

The Husband loved it because that’s his normal waking time, e.v.e.r.y d.a.y. but George was so confused he kept looking at me as if to say “Mum, Where are our morning snuggles? Why aren’t we spooning under the covers? This is wrong, something is TERRIBLY TERRIBLY WRONG”

When i finally arrived at work everyone was so tense and stressed, there was to be no talking to each other, only scanning. All i could hear in my head was “1-ENTER-FIXTURE-SCAN-ESC” non-stop for four hours. When i found my groove i started quietly (well i thought so) singing along to the in-store radio and even that wasn’t allowed, lest i interrupt anyone else’s interior monologue of “1-ENTER-FIXTURE-SCAN-ESC”

In other news i finished really early this afternoon (still did an eight hour day though) and The husband won’t be here until 7 pm so george and i are planning on catching up on some missed snuggles and watching Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights with pretzels and muchos Diet Coke without the fear of retribution.

I hope your day was a little nicer? Care to share?



Apologies for the capitals but I’m feeling very emotional this afternoon, possibly i am over tired. 



Non-Sensey Days

It was 39 degrees today. THIRTY NINE or 102.2 if you deal in Fahrenheit and that my friends is HOT.  The kind of hot that when I drove to the grocery store today I used the bottom of my palms to drive (you know that bit that’s all bone and not as sensitive as fingers?) all the while going “Ouch Ouch Ouch, Owie, No corners!” I ran in for diet coke and was out in a heart beat straight back to my lovely aircon.

The rest of the day was spent faffing about, trying to think of something witty to hang over our bed, doing washing, rearranging the furniture, more washing, reorganizing my closet, more washing (? how is there so much of it for two people?!) and making watermelon popsicles! (a christmas gift from my mum, if these go well i’ve a concept for some ginger ale flavoured one’s)

 photo DSC_0944_zps184cb472.jpg
 photo DSC_0942_zpsaaa318fc.jpg

Suffice to say if a watermelon is coming into my house stuff is going to get messy. After the ‘Watermelon Incident’ of 2010 I’m quite wary of the stuff it gets everywhere and draws all the bugs out of their hiding places but I managed to keep it together without losing the house to the local ant population.

 photo DSC_0947_zpsbfd2da2e.jpg

I even shared some with the kids, to make up for hosing them down all day, which they HATE. Tamale was by far the most excited and dribbled it all over her little chin but George even had a slice.

 photo DSC_0959_zps4bf3db12.jpg

 photo DSC_0962_zps2116414d.jpg

Adelaide was suitably unimpressed, as queens are want to be.

 photo 752cb020-163d-429d-8e0e-f54686a15f99_zps332b8ab8.jpg

It was a rather non-sensey day which I’m really grateful for. Normally, I’d have myself in a panic for ‘wasting’ the day. My one day off, there are so many stores to visit and coffees to drink and friends to visit and errands to run but not today and I needed that.



New Years Day

New Years Day was lush. I slept in until 10am, and not in the dozing kind of way but good solid uninterrupted sleep. When I finally rolled out of bed we headed over to my friends house so I could snuggle her one month old and then had a lazy date at possibly the best burger place in Perth.

I call it a lazy date because there was not a stitch of make up involved, hell I didn’t even run a brush through my hair (as you can tell from my dodging the camera photo).

 photo DSC_0931_zps5104eb6f.jpg

Jus burgers have four locations around Perth (Plus a Melbourne one as Perth and Melbourne are essentially the same place) and I think Freo is my favourite, it’s in an awesome spot attached to the Fremantle Markets but far enough out that it’s not claustrophobic on market days.

Their burgers are immense and they have, wait for it…

 photo DSC_0930_zpsdb8ef923.jpg

FOUR veggie burger options, that’s the vegetarian equivalent of a full menu! (They do vegan as well if you’re that way inclined) Ross went for the Chickpea, a falafel patty with tahini yoghurt and middle eastern slaw (it’s delish I’ve had it before) and I went for my absolute favourite the Pumpkin, sounds bland but it has panko crumbed pumpkin, goats cheese and basil pesto. It tastes like heaven.

 photo DSC_0933_zpsd26bfeeb.jpg

We went a bit mad and ordered ourselves some onion rings, and they were actual slices of onion.

I’m drooling thinking of it now.

Afterwards we walked through Freo in an attempt to move the meal and spent the rest of the evening chilling on the couch with far too much BSG.

Like I said, Lush.



P.S. can you believe this is a shot of the drive home from the burger place? We’re not even in the country just regular suburbia here in Perth
 photo DSC_0944_zps1ca5a1ba.jpg

New Years Resolutions, 2014 edn.

How was your New Years Eve?? Did you have a rager? attempt to catch a cab into the city and realise the traffic is immense and you’ve no chance of getting in before 11pm or home before 5am? Did you queue for an hour to get into a club that’s so loud and busy you can’t even hear your friends? Or did you do the unthinkable and pay $100 for a ticket to a ‘club party’ which includes 1 cocktail and non-existent canapes?

Or did you make like the cool kids and have some friends around for a barbie and then walk to the local for a midnight toast, give your husband a big kiss to ring in the new year and end up in bed by 12:30? Well thats what i did and it was marvellous! Someone even lit illegal fireworks at the park across the road and we had sparklers (sparklers are the best aren’t they?)

Now for the important stuff,  R.E.S.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.S. I know, I know, we all have the best of intentions on January 1st “This year will be my best year yet, I’ll get skinny, stop smoking/drinking/insert vice here, be more carefree, follow a schedule” etc. We’ve heard it all before and yet we’re all still making them, Including me… This year I’m going for a manageable 5, there will be no Happiness Project style charts and reviews just a few simple things i know i can actually achieve and will make 2014 better than 2013.

1. Remind myself of this every day:

“For where your treasure is, your heart will be also” Matthew 6:21

2. Sort out my health issues, not in a miracle cure kind of way but in an attend-every-appointment-and-get-my-blood-tests kind of way.

3. Write more, I used to love writing and was always scribbling something. I hardly do it anymore. Whether it’s nonsense on this blog, post cards or fan fiction I’m planning on putting pen to paper in 2014

4. Reply to all text messages and phone calls within a timely manner, seems obvious but is actually something i struggle with.

5. Be Brave! The most ambitious of them all. I’m going to do things that make me nervous, like join a connect group and talk to people in my classes. eeeeep!

Now for my commitment to you dear bloggy, Nothing too grand but a commitment to three posts a week minimum delivered on a Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

I’d love to hear some of your resolutions, have you gone for the list of 100 simple things or made one solemn promise? Link your post in the comments and I’ll definitely have a gander!



Letters, of the resigning kind

There are few experiences in this life more awkward than resigning. For me, It’s the timing of handing over that letter and the horrible feeling when i can’t think of what to say, so i start mumbling and then word vomiting and abruptly stop myself when i realise there is nothing you can say. You’ve chucked it and they know it. ‘Nuff said.

I must admit for someone of my age I’ve a lot of experience in this field. I’ve had the excitement of throwing in the crappy cafe job that i hated, where my resignation letter was jumping out of my hand. The “I’M DONE” where there is no letter and you simply throw everything you’re holding in the general direction of your boss and tell them they can shove their blanking job. I’ve even had the months and months of discussion with my husband (and psychologist) trying to convince me that there’s no need to feel the crippling guilt about resigning and actually vomiting immediately after handing that letter over.

Today was different, I hadn’t been with this company for long and they seemed to think i had great promise, not even off probation and i had a promotion but i could see where it was heading and i figured it was time to bow out now, before we got too involved with each other and the break up got messy. All I’m thinking now is 13 days to go and dreaming of my new job.

Oh, My new job! Even the thought of it can send my hear fluttering. Ok i exaggerate but this is the most excited I’ve ever been for work. It’s a full time role in a boutique in the terribly fancy Claremont Quarter. I’ve always wanted to be one of those girls wearing their brand head to toe with perfect make up and nothing to chat about except for how “nice” things are. It’s the best part of working in retail, and we sell baby clothes (squeal!)

Did i mention i have to wear the clothes? and therefore i get 50% off, for my 9 hour shift at work today i outfitted the current collection in my head and here’s what I’m thinking of putting together.

Work Style Jan 2014

Excuse all of the leopard print and chambray but I’m slightly in love.
Love Rachel

Strange dreams…

I dream about babies.

Some nights it’s something as simple or as sweet as meeting my friends baby for the first time, (who isn’t due to join us for another 4 weeks) other nights it’s my nephew when he was 6 months old. Last night was the first dream I’ve had when I was aware that the baby was mine, but it kept switching from a baby to a chihuahua puppy and got very confusing.

The Internet suggests I have an untapped potential, new beginnings are on their way and that I’m experiencing pure joy. Personally, I think my subconscious is forcing me to acknowledge how madly I want a child. I refuse to allow my waking self to entertain the notion at this time so when my mind is finally permitted to wander it runs right over to babyville and sets up residence.

But I must admit, I am lying… I think about having a child/children/little family of my own at least 5 times a day. It seems whenever my mind is permitted to wander that’s where it goes. Childlessness is no simpler because it’s voluntary. The constant reminder that you’re not ready; financially, emotionally, or in your marriage for the one thing that you want, that you’re wasting time on something as futile as an education when you already know what you’ve been called to be.


My current tiny family: Ross the tattoo, George and the chickens are me!

For now I’ll try to remember that these years are the time when my marriage will be defined, when we’ll learn how to be partners. I’ll build my nest and focus my mind and trust in God’s perfect timing. (though I imagine I will need reminding often…)