So yesterday i experienced something of a revelation. I finally decided what it is I’d like to do with my life, career wise. It’s something I’ve struggled with since i first started attending university in 2007 (A loooong time ago) I’ve changed majors, taken gap years and trudged along with a course i wasn’t completely dedicated to. Then i threw marriage and a calling to motherhood into the mix and i was officially lost.

I’ve been thinking, recently, about how i can actually picture my future (not as an ideal but as a reality) and i hate to say it but i don’t see myself at home full time. I still hope to be a mother and spend the first 5 or 6 years at home full time but I’m starting to consider a future past that, after my children are at school. I’d like to study law. Do a graduate degree or Juris Doctor and then maybe work in employment law, for the government or even a union but I’m starting to realise the decision I’ve made in the past in regards to my degree may just hold me back.

If this is something I’m truly serious about then i have two university options. My current university, which is based solely on academic merit. Even if i work my butt off for the rest of my course  i will only ever conceivably end up 1-3% over the minimum entrance requirement, which does fluctuate with demand. The alternative is for a Catholic university which considers your interview, references and a personal statement.  I have hope for the second path, i believe that if i could explain myself to someone they could see my potential but really nervous.

There is nothing i can do to change my past and i can’t avoid thinking about it, I have to embrace the choices I’ve made and move on with them, to my bright shiny future.




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