Every night, without fail, my husband falls asleep with his glasses on. It’s odd because he doesn’t wear them all day, in fact he very rarely puts them on when he’s meant to but the TV in our bedroom is tiny and he can’t see it without them.


Every night, without fail, I wander into the bedroom to check on him. I pull up the blankets, take his glasses off and give him a kiss. Then I check with George to make sure he’s ready for the night shift. He’ll lift his head and stare at me as if to say ‘Turn that light out woman, I got it.’


Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I wasn’t here, would those glasses stay on his face? Or end up in the bed, get rolled on one too many times and break? Or would he wake himself up and take them off?


Sometimes I wonder if I find too much meaning in simple things.





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