So, It’s been eight days since my last post.

It’s strange how somedays you have so much running through your mind that the only way to quiet your mind, not even make sense of things, is to write. Even if it’s drivel, which the majority of what i write honestly is. And then there’s other days, like this past week where your mind is silent. There’s nothing bouncing around in there except for the repeated mantra of  Wake Up – Dress – Train – Read – Work – Eat Lunch (find somewhere to sit, why is this so hard!) – Work – Train – Eat Dinner – Sleep – Repeat.

I started a new job last Wednesday and it is officially the cruisey-ist job i have ever had in my life, i wander around chat to customers and unpack stock. Sometimes they let me fold the tiny baby clothes and then i go home. It’s wonderful. I’m bored already.

I’m considering setting a little writing challenge for myself based on this book I’ve been reading. It’s not so much of a book as a collection of letters that different people have written on a theme and then read aloud at ‘literary afternoons’. Entitled ‘Women of Letters‘ it’s given me some seriously great reading moments on my morning commute and i highly recommend it. Missy Higgins letter is probably my favourite so far but there are so many jewels it’s hard to pick only one. One a month? seems like a realistic target?

I heard a rumour Downton Abbey is back on so i must away






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