Ross and I are sitting on the couch watching a fishing show, I think it has something to do with River’s and Monster’s. Possibly it is called River Monster’s. To be honest we’re not really watching the show, Ross is eating one of those horrible Wonka lollies and playing on his phone while I read blogs and George sleeps on my leg, every so often sticking his nose over the top of the computer as if to say “Mum, seriously, what’s up?”


This is beside the point, what I wanted to say is what is up with this show? The host is fishing for something or other and Piranhas keep stealing his bait (also he keeps saying pure-ana not p-rana which is frustrating). Just before he pulled one out of the water and it snapped it’s teeth and all of us jumped and stared at the screen to which Ross decided to share ”That’d take a finger off” all manly like as he is a man and men know of these things (even if we live in Perth and nowhere near the Amazon).


The strange thing is that as soon as that Piranha gnashed his teeth I wanted to lift my legs off the floor lest the piranha under the couch should snap my ankle. Logically I know there is no piranha under the couch but, reflexes you know?


I feel like this guy should fish somewhere else if he doesn’t actually want to catch a Piranha.


The End


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