Non-Sensey Days

It was 39 degrees today. THIRTY NINE or 102.2 if you deal in Fahrenheit and that my friends is HOT.  The kind of hot that when I drove to the grocery store today I used the bottom of my palms to drive (you know that bit that’s all bone and not as sensitive as fingers?) all the while going “Ouch Ouch Ouch, Owie, No corners!” I ran in for diet coke and was out in a heart beat straight back to my lovely aircon.

The rest of the day was spent faffing about, trying to think of something witty to hang over our bed, doing washing, rearranging the furniture, more washing, reorganizing my closet, more washing (? how is there so much of it for two people?!) and making watermelon popsicles! (a christmas gift from my mum, if these go well i’ve a concept for some ginger ale flavoured one’s)

 photo DSC_0944_zps184cb472.jpg
 photo DSC_0942_zpsaaa318fc.jpg

Suffice to say if a watermelon is coming into my house stuff is going to get messy. After the ‘Watermelon Incident’ of 2010 I’m quite wary of the stuff it gets everywhere and draws all the bugs out of their hiding places but I managed to keep it together without losing the house to the local ant population.

 photo DSC_0947_zpsbfd2da2e.jpg

I even shared some with the kids, to make up for hosing them down all day, which they HATE. Tamale was by far the most excited and dribbled it all over her little chin but George even had a slice.

 photo DSC_0959_zps4bf3db12.jpg

 photo DSC_0962_zps2116414d.jpg

Adelaide was suitably unimpressed, as queens are want to be.

 photo 752cb020-163d-429d-8e0e-f54686a15f99_zps332b8ab8.jpg

It was a rather non-sensey day which I’m really grateful for. Normally, I’d have myself in a panic for ‘wasting’ the day. My one day off, there are so many stores to visit and coffees to drink and friends to visit and errands to run but not today and I needed that.




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