New Years Day

New Years Day was lush. I slept in until 10am, and not in the dozing kind of way but good solid uninterrupted sleep. When I finally rolled out of bed we headed over to my friends house so I could snuggle her one month old and then had a lazy date at possibly the best burger place in Perth.

I call it a lazy date because there was not a stitch of make up involved, hell I didn’t even run a brush through my hair (as you can tell from my dodging the camera photo).

 photo DSC_0931_zps5104eb6f.jpg

Jus burgers have four locations around Perth (Plus a Melbourne one as Perth and Melbourne are essentially the same place) and I think Freo is my favourite, it’s in an awesome spot attached to the Fremantle Markets but far enough out that it’s not claustrophobic on market days.

Their burgers are immense and they have, wait for it…

 photo DSC_0930_zpsdb8ef923.jpg

FOUR veggie burger options, that’s the vegetarian equivalent of a full menu! (They do vegan as well if you’re that way inclined) Ross went for the Chickpea, a falafel patty with tahini yoghurt and middle eastern slaw (it’s delish I’ve had it before) and I went for my absolute favourite the Pumpkin, sounds bland but it has panko crumbed pumpkin, goats cheese and basil pesto. It tastes like heaven.

 photo DSC_0933_zpsd26bfeeb.jpg

We went a bit mad and ordered ourselves some onion rings, and they were actual slices of onion.

I’m drooling thinking of it now.

Afterwards we walked through Freo in an attempt to move the meal and spent the rest of the evening chilling on the couch with far too much BSG.

Like I said, Lush.



P.S. can you believe this is a shot of the drive home from the burger place? We’re not even in the country just regular suburbia here in Perth
 photo DSC_0944_zps1ca5a1ba.jpg


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