Letters, of the resigning kind

There are few experiences in this life more awkward than resigning. For me, It’s the timing of handing over that letter and the horrible feeling when i can’t think of what to say, so i start mumbling and then word vomiting and abruptly stop myself when i realise there is nothing you can say. You’ve chucked it and they know it. ‘Nuff said.

I must admit for someone of my age I’ve a lot of experience in this field. I’ve had the excitement of throwing in the crappy cafe job that i hated, where my resignation letter was jumping out of my hand. The “I’M DONE” where there is no letter and you simply throw everything you’re holding in the general direction of your boss and tell them they can shove their blanking job. I’ve even had the months and months of discussion with my husband (and psychologist) trying to convince me that there’s no need to feel the crippling guilt about resigning and actually vomiting immediately after handing that letter over.

Today was different, I hadn’t been with this company for long and they seemed to think i had great promise, not even off probation and i had a promotion but i could see where it was heading and i figured it was time to bow out now, before we got too involved with each other and the break up got messy. All I’m thinking now is 13 days to go and dreaming of my new job.

Oh, My new job! Even the thought of it can send my hear fluttering. Ok i exaggerate but this is the most excited I’ve ever been for work. It’s a full time role in a boutique in the terribly fancy Claremont Quarter. I’ve always wanted to be one of those girls wearing their brand head to toe with perfect make up and nothing to chat about except for how “nice” things are. It’s the best part of working in retail, and we sell baby clothes (squeal!)

Did i mention i have to wear the clothes? and therefore i get 50% off, for my 9 hour shift at work today i outfitted the current collection in my head and here’s what I’m thinking of putting together.

Work Style Jan 2014

Excuse all of the leopard print and chambray but I’m slightly in love.
Love Rachel

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