A New Truth

4. “There is liberation in understanding that you are meant to do incomplete work.” There truly is, Understanding that your life is not solely concerned with you, with your passions and desires is an incredibly liberating concept. You are not supposed to achieve everything you set your mind to. Let go, embrace that you cannot do everything and find solace in knowing that God has a vision for you.

I am nowhere near as eloquent as the author who inspired this truth, so here it is in his own words:

“There is great hope in realising your vision and passion has little to do with you. These are God’s visions, they are meant to outlive you. Realising this is liberating. There is liberation in understanding you are meant to do incomplete work. You cannot do everything in your short time on Earth. The foundations you lay will be shaky and need development.  The seeds you plant will need more water than you’re able to provide. Your accomplishments will be multiplied by others far after you’re gone. And that’s exactly the way it’s meant to be. “

Read the full article by Justin Zoradi here,

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