“In Praise of Doing Incomplete Work”

I don’t read the bible often. I’m well aware that it’s something i should be doing on a more regular basis but my spiritual journey is only just beginning and I’m fairly intimidated by it. (My own interpretation of God’s Word as opposed to the Vatican’s is enough to make any graduate of Catholic Education feel slightly ill.) Because of this I’ve never had one of those moments when you turn to scripture and know you’re being led to that verse for a reason, that it was planted for you to see at this exact moment

I had that experience today. It was a typically annoying day, one of those mornings where you melt the ‘Don’t Straighten Hair in the Bath Tub’ warning label to your hair by accident, find none of your work clothes are clean and then attempt to outwit the dog and get him back into the house so you can arrive at work ten minutes late to start the day.

Yeah, One of ‘Those Days’.

I decided i needed to shake myself out of my funk and dashed out of the lunch room for a Cappucino at a cafe on my lunch break, I was flicking through my new IPad edition of Relevant (which is awesome BTW) when i came across the “In Praise of Doing Incomplete Work” article by Justin Zoradi. I must admit i was only skim reading until i came across this line:

“There is liberation in understanding that you are meant to do incomplete work.”

It actually stopped my heart for the slightest moment, i dashed back to the top and reread the article twice before realising i was out of time and legging it back to the store. 

To understand why i was so profoundly moved i think you need some context, (my favourite of all literary terms). I am an Incomplete Work. I have spent my entire life starting and never finishing, I panic that there isn’t enough hours in the day, days in the week, weeks in the year and years in my life to do everything i want to do. Everything I’ve told myself i must do to make the most of this life I’ve been given. To live up to my potential. 

I often feel as if every step towards my future is a step further away from the person I told myself i would be, the person I had to be to have ‘value’. I had a plan that was set in stone, excel in school, Honours at University and a semester abroad, a Graduate program with a large enough corporation to lead to a 5 year period living in London, Marriage most likely to a Lapsed Catholic corporate lawyer, 11 children (i kid you not). 

In reality i achieved the first step and then realised life isn’t what you expected it would be, I still haven’t finished university, I will never study abroad, a Graduate Program is the furtherest thing from my mind in terms of careers (i honestly don’t think i want one), I married a trades man and will consider myself incredibly blessed to have 2 children. At most. Sometimes i have trouble recognising that i have ‘Value’ not in spite of this, but because of this. It’s taken me 23 years to realise it doesn’t matter what my vision is, It’s God’s vision that counts and Zoradi sums this up perfectly.

“There is great hope in realising your vision and passion has little to do with you. These are God’s visions, they are meant to outlive you. Realising this is liberating.

There is liberation in understanding you are meant to do incomplete work

You cannot do everything in your short time on Earth. The foundations you lay will be shaky and need development.  The seeds you plant will need more water than you’re able to provide. Your accomplishments will be multiplied by others far after you’re gone. And that’s exactly the way it’s meant to be. “

You can read the article on Justin’s website here



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