Hello, I’m Rachel. Nice to Meet You

Welcome to my little home in the big wide world of the internet! I don’t have much to say and most of what i do say shall be nonsense, but if that sounds like something you’ll enjoy please, do keep reading.

I am 23 years old, In my few years i have travelled a fair bit and seen some of the world, worked pointless dead end jobs, attempted a few different university courses and made many cups of coffee.

So far I’ve learned a few essential truths:

1.  That pointless dead end jobs often do have a point. Take, for example, the role of ‘Service Cashier’ or ‘Check Out Chick’ as we seem to actually call it. Little money, no room for progression, a veritable stream of customers looking down their nose at you but it has had the greatest point of any role in my life. I met a rather rad customer who visited often and seemed to  drink a never ending supply of juice, His name is Ross and he’s the other fancy looking person in this rather fancy photo:

2. It’s fairly wonderful to be a loser. If you care about what other people think and try to be ‘hip’ then life is really boring. If you enjoy something or it makes you happy then just embrace it, people who care aren’t worth caring about. In this vein one of my favourite hobbies is watching Sci Fi (preferably the terrible teen kind), i attempt to knit regularly (with disastrous results) and listen to a fair share of God Pop.

3. Home really is where the heart is, I thought it might be somewhere else so i had a look for it but it was definitely where i left it. At the end of the day the middle photo’s what matters, Family. I try really hard to remember that in every day life as all your commitments pull you in different directions it can be harder to centre yourself and remember where that centre is, smack bam in the heart of your home.

So now you know, this is me and these are the things i know. Hopefully I’ll learn some more and one day this post will have 7 or even 10 truth’s to share with you! That’s the nature of life though isn’t it, you’ve actually got to live it first.

I hope you stick around to learn them with me.





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